Ultra Wifi Pro

For more than 20 years, the creator of Ultra Wifi Pro worked at one of the largest Internet providers in the world. He discovered that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) use a sneaky tactic to get you to spend more on your bill. They will send you a cheap router that puts a bottle-neck on speed and range. They simply don’t provide customers with the best quality equipment in order to boost profits. This tactic purposely slows down your internet speed that you are already paying for! Another sneaky tactic is tricking you into paying for ‘faster’ internet upgrades that do nothing for your coverage. The Ultra Wifi Pro creator’s objective: to invent a device that extends Wi-Fi range and triple internet speed throughout the entire home (without having to spend more money each month).

wifi ultra booster

How does this must-have Wi-Fi invention work?

It’s very simple. Almost every customer is given a router by their internet package. The router transmits the internet into waves commonly known as LAN. The Ultra Wifi Pro amplifies the signal from the router so well that it virtually eliminates range problems forever. Not only does it boost range, but it also triples internet speed, allowing for super fast video load times and allowing you to send your videos, emails, photos a breeze. In other words, say goodbye to the horrible spinning wheel.It’s also super easy to use. Simply plug it into any wall socket. Installation takes 5 seconds making it perfect for older people with no experience.

The Results

Ultra Wifi Pro can boost up your wifi speed in seconds and also increase your Wi-Fi’s reception. It’s the best one we’ve tested yet.", says David Franklin, lead tech editor at CNET. We agree. Our parking garage test was a HUGE SUCCESS! Not only did give us Wi-Fi at the garage, but it was actually as fast as our office! After our test, we all decided to just leave it plugged in. Permanently. We’re really impressed and decided to buy 6 more Ultra Wifi Pro and send it to our other office locations. This is exactly what you need to upgrade your Wi-Fi experience - not an expensive internet package. Did I mention that installation is SUPER easy? You just plug it in. No tech experience required.

wifi ultra booster

5 Reasons Why Thousands Switched To Ultra Wifi Pro

  1. It improves your Netflix watching experience (No more spinning wheel!)
  2. Instantly boost your internet speed and eliminate dead spots. (backyard, garage, basement)
  3. Super easy to use - Just plug it in and you’re done.
  4. It’s affordable and comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  5. Customers who switched reported up to $1,200 a year in savings!