How This Unexpected ‘HSB Device’ Could Save Your Life

James didn’t know he was going to die that day. And why should he? He was a 35-year-old, healthy man in his prime. Who went to the gym three times a week, ate a mostly healthy diet, and occasionally enjoyed a round of beer with his friends. The owner of his own company, loving husband and father of three beautiful children. His life couldn’t have been any better. Until. . . While sitting at his desk looking over his daily to-do list, James suddenly became short of breath. His pulse quickened and spasmed in his neck. He tried to slow his breathing. Deep breaths. Hold it as long as he could. But something was wrong… very wrong. It was like a giant 300-pound weight was crushing him. His heart punched his chest and slammed him back in his chair. Thump, Thump echoed in his ears. He clawed at his chest hoping for some relief as the world around him ceased to matter. He was in denial. This couldn’t be… he’s too young for heart problems. Was it something he ate? Did he push too hard during his workout? But the burning in his chest. The sucker punch of every heartbeat. Thump, Thump. His palms - sweaty, violently shaking. Then, his vision began to collapse in on him. A cold lifeless blackness. The magnitude of his situation seized him. And the last thing he remembers is reaching for his phone to call for help. Every day millions of Americans like James suffer from heart problems. Some know they have heart troubles and take steps to monitor their health. Others don’t know the dangers lurking beneath the surface of their skin.

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So what is this unexpected HSB Device?

Health Sports Band Devices. Also known as fitness trackers. Fitness trackers have become somewhat of a fashion accessory for many Americans. But can they really save your life?If James had been wearing one he may have noticed that earlier in the morning his heart rate began to rise steadily to unsafe levels. But not all health sports bands are created equal. Some count steps. Some measure distances. Others integrate heart rate. Some are computers first and a fitness tracker as a side job. Then there’s the question of where you wear your tracker. On your belt, on your arm, around your chest, on your wrist, an app on your phone. The growing industry of fitness devices keeps throwing more and more features at you while forgetting the simple things.

Does it integrate smoothly into your life?

For starters, the cost of many of these devices is in the hundreds. But do you need another computer on your wrist? And what happens when everyday life comes your way? Your body doesn’t stop working when you touch neither should your fitness tracker. This is where several brands fall from grace. Their “affordable” options can’t handle simple tasks like washing your hands… Or the sweat from a good workout… That’s where MaxFit G2 stands out from the rest. An affordable fitness tracker with 11 integrated functions including waterproofing. Yes, it’s waterproof - not just water resistant. So it can stay on your wrist during ALL your daily activities. Which helps to keep an accurate count of your steps, heart rate, and activity levels. But MaxFit G2 doesn’t stop at simple wellness tasks. It also displays time and date and monitors your sleep patterns. And with Bluetooth integration, it can display your incoming texts, phone calls.

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Stay Motivated And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Rate Monitor - Wrist heart rate sensor technology measures your heart rate at the wrist 24/7. That gives you the freedom to workout with no additional heart rate strap needed.

Pedometer - Measure your steps accurately and measure your fitness improvement with this easy to use, convenient wrist mounted pedometer.

Calorie Counter - Track your calorie burn and weight loss wiith the integrated calorie counter.

Distance Counter - MaxFit's in built distance counter measures the distance travelled over a period of time, allowing you to measure your daily or running distance.

Sleep Monitor - Improve your nightly slumber with the sleep monitor. This feature provides insightful data about the quality of your sleep.

Sedentary Reminder - Receive regular reminders to get up and move! Don't get stuck on the couch or at your desk!

Anti-Lost & Phone Finder - Never lose your phone again! Thanks to wireless sync, locate your phone quickly.